Masonların ve İlluminati'nin Gizli Sembolleri II

Masonların ve İlluminati'nin Gizli Sembolleri II

Major Masonic symbol: The square represents the male impregnating the female, which is represented by the square. The G stands for "the big architect".

G. Washington in mason gear.

G. Washington as Baphomet

Masonic ritual.

Freemasons Hall, London:
Major masonic temple in London.

Temple Pannetier-Grand Orient, France: Masonic temple in Paris, France.

Structure of freemasonry chart: Note that this chart shows the 33rd degree as the highest degree. However, there are higher degrees that are even secret to most masons.

Memphis 33 logo: Note the motto "Ordo ab chao", meaning "Order out of chaos". The motto on the banner below means "God and my right".

Tapestry in Vatican, with all seeing eye: Even in the Vatican freemasonic symbols can be found.

Tapestry in Vatican, with enneagram: An enneagram is outlined, as well as several other geometric patterns, like Metatron's cube.

Illuminati pyramid structure: Overview of the pyramidal structure that allows the Illuminati to rule the world. Illustration taken from David Icke's "The Biggest Secret".

Washington DC inverted pentagram: An inverted pentagram (that is slightly deformed) was designed in the streets around the White House (with the White House at its tip), as well as the image of an owl, both major Illuminati symbols.

Washington DC inverted pentagram: With a higher resolution.

Capitol owl: The owl depicted by the streets and park around the Capitol of Washington DC.

Metatron cube variation in Washington's streets: The streets of Washington also outline some elements of Metatron's cube, although slightly deformed.

The Eternal Flame: This is a major Illuminati symbol, found in many, many places and formats. It is often used as a signature by the Illuminati. It symbolizes various things, amongst which Lucifer, the light bearer.

Bush holding the eternal flame at Prometheus statue: Olympic Games ceremony with Bush carrying the "eternal flame" - a major Illuminati symbol - at the Prometheus statue - another Illuminati symbol. Prometheus symbolizes the revolt against - what some call - God (in his case: Zeus)... This statue shows Promotheus carrying a lighted torch: the eternal flame.

Fasces in the American congress: In the American congress two fasces can be seen hanging on the wall.

Fasces: The fasces respresents a bundle of twigs bound together with an axe. It symbolizes how individuality is sacrificed for power through collectivity. It's at the origin of the word "fascism"...

NATO swastika: The resemblance between the NATO logo and the NAZI swastika should not be seen as a mere coincidence.

Flags backwards on American uniforms: The uniforms of the soldiers sent to Iraq are decorated with a reversed American flag. On the one hand this is completely in accord with military protocol, even if being a complete exception to the usual flag code. It appears only on the right arm, and represents the US flag when carried and moving forwards, with the stripes therefore waving backwards behind the pole. On the other hand it conveniently falls in the category of the reversed pentagram, cross, dove, etc... which stand for the Satanic principle.

The entrence of the Guild Hall, London: Of interest is the seal figuring right beneath the flag above the entrance, representing two winged dragons.

Queen's shield at Guild Hall, London: One of the Queen's shields, representing a winged dragon, probably refering to the Queens reptilian decendancy...

Winged dragon at entrance City: In London winged dragons can be found all over the place. Here is one at the entrance of the City of London, which is the financial centre.

The black sun: The sun and zodiac circle at the entrance of a financial building in the City of London. The black sun represents the malevolent use of the sun's energy as well as the "galactic sun".

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